The Night is Short Walk On Girl Wiki

Senpai (先輩, Senpai) is the nameless deuteragonist of The Night is Short, Walk on Girl.


Senpai is a reasonably tall university senior with black hair and eyes. He wears large glasses and also seems fond of regular button-down shirts.


Senpai is infatuated with Otome to an unhealthy degree, but at the same time he wears this on his sleeve. He lacks confidence and tends to debate with himself, constantly holding himself back and causes him to hesitate when making important decisions. This has caused a build-up of frustration which allows Johnny to manifest, causing him even more emotional issues in a constant feedback loop.


He has a crush on Kurokami no Otome, and is determined to confess to her. During the night, he attempts to keep up with her adventure but is generally left at the wayside. He has his own adventure during the night, but ends up sick like everyone else in Kyoto University. When Otome finally visits him and he is able to recover from his cold, he is able to ask her out on a date.